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    Trademark Application
    ● Trademark strategy planning
    ● Trademark search analysis
    ● Global trademark application

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    Trademark Management
    Trademark expiry management
    Trademark project management
    Trademark usage standard management
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    ● Trademark office action
    ● Trademark opposition
    ● Trademark cancellation
    ● Trademark invalidity/nullity

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    Analytical Consultancy
    Risk assessment for trademark registrability
    Risk assessment for trademark use
    Situation analysis of competitor’s trademark
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    Trademark asset layout and management
    Trademark layout based on brand protection
    Trademark layout based on commercial competition
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    Trademark risk management
    Revenue-Based Trademark Transfers and Licensing
    Competition-Based Trademark Transfers and Licensing
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    Trademark dispute & enforcement
    Provide enterprises with practical solutions to combat adversaries, based on trademark assets, to force competitors to stop the development of related brands through litigation
    Based on corporate interests, use multiple channels of dispute resolution mechanisms, including administrative complaints, civil litigation, settlement negotiations, etc.

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    Trademark transaction and operations
    Check the trademark status of registration, conduct pre-use risk analysis and management of unregistered trademarks, and formulate internal trademark application, usage specifications and review processes for enterprises
    Monitor trademarks of competitors and other third-party, provide trademark early warning and monitoring service for enterprises
Trademark Registration Process

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